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Book the Brera Gallery tickets has never been easier. Italy Travels, Tour Operator specializied in the selling of museum tickets, offers a practical and fast system through its website  On this website it’s possible to select the desired date and time and then receive a confirmation voucher on your e-mail address entered inside the order This voucher must be shown directly on the day of your visit to the museum just few minutes before and without waiting in line.

Brera Gallery tickets without waiting in line

For the Brera Gallery tickets without waiting in line are absolutely recommended and necessary because they allow enter inside the museum directly without waiting for a long time. The Brera Gallery is one of the most visited museums in Italy and is best known to the general public for hosting the painting of the "Bacio" by Francesco Hayez, renaissance artist of great renown thanks to his portraits of famous people. The “Bacio” was painted during his  mature age, where Hayez was already aware of his pictorial ability and what he wanted to represent. At this stage in fact, the artist wanted to represent in his paintings the Risorgimento feelings as this fact makes his painting a symbol of the future Italian that even before his unit had already a cohesive cultural identity; as was doing Alessandro Manzoni in his melodramatic literary production. Visit the Brera Gallery tickets without waiting in line allows you to see all the paintings of the famous and romantic painter Francesco Hayez.

Visit Brera Gallery tickets with entrance fees to skip the line

It’s highly recommended visit Brera Gallery tickets with entrance fees to skip the line. due to the high number of people of visitors that every year go to Milan to see his artistic side. The Brera Gallery owes its large collection of paintings especially to the Napoleonic era when the French emperor in his campaign became interested in the art collections of Italian cities, taking away the finest works in Paris and setting up Art Galleries in Venice, Bologna and Milan for the works of lesser importance. The Brera Gallery learned his important role and began to flow through the sample works from convents and churches suppressed.
The gallery was officially opened April 20th 1810 although in the following years continued to flow even paintings by french artists. During the World War I for safety reasons the collection was taken to Rome, while during the second was hidden by the director Wittgens while the building suffered considerable damages. Visit Brera Gallery tickets with entrance fees to skip the line is a way to learn the history of this museum.