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Discovering the Last Supper in Milan is one of the goals of the numerous visitors visiting every year the capital of Lombardy in search of Leonardo da Vinci. The famous artist, inventor and scientist in fact lived in Milan from 1482 and 1500. He worked for Ludovico il Moro, even though during the first years of his stay the commissions weren’t numerous.

Discovering Last Supper and its secrets

A lot of visitors chose to discover Last Supper and its secrets also thanks to Dan Brown’s esoteric book “The Da Vinci Code”.  The book was published some years ago and it cased uproars because of the ideas and theories of the author. Accordingly to one of these captivating theories, Jesus would have been married with Mary Magdalene. She is portrayed at his left (for who is in front of the painting) and her figure forms with Jesus a triangle figure that reminds the Saint Grail. Even if these theories haven’t a basis of truth they caused much curiosity in the visitors that aim to visit the painting and its secrets.

Discovering Last Supper and its story

In addition to Dan Brown’s book it is convenient also to look at the true and authentic history of the painting and the scene portrayed. The scene represents the moment when Jesus announces that he will be betrayed by one of his disciples, accordingly to the Book of John 13:21. Many people think this painting is a fresco, however, it is well-known that Leonardo never did frescos as he hated this technique that requires long times of execution. He painted the wall as if he painted on a canvas, using a greasy tempera with a basis of line oil and egg, which he spread on a double lay of plaster. Today we cannot say whether Leonardo knew that this technique could give a long life to the painting, which is amazingly beautiful but also very much fragile. Book a guided tour now!