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If you are visiting the northern of Italy you do not have to lose to see the terraces of the Milan Cathedral with guided tour. A guided tour will allow you to see and know the whole story of this extraordinary monument and you’ll can see also a beautiful panorama of the city from above. From the terraces you can also see the statue of Madunina, symbol of the city.

The terraces of the Milan Cathedral guided tour with private guide

It’s strongly recommended to make a visit to the terraces of the Duomo in Milan with guided tour with private guide. A private guide will show you in addition to the history of the monument and the buildings that you can see from there and all the anecdotes related to the construction of the Cathedral.
The Milan Cathedral is a perfect example of Gothic art, that could be admired in all its glory a few meters from its spiers. The Terraces of the Cathedral have an area of ​​8000 square meters covered with marble slabs of Condoglia (a quarry located near the Lake Maggiore). You can climb up to the top of the Cathedral surpassing 201 steps and have the chance to enjoy Milan from above and see the flying buttresses, the falconature, the 135 spiers of the cathedral, more than 180 statues. The terraces are very close to the famous golden Madonnina that protects Milan. These are only few reasons to visit the terraces of the Milan Cathedral with  guided tour with private guide.

The terraces of the Milan Cathedral guided tour with Italy Travels

If you are searching on Internet for a different experience, you can visit the terraces of the Milan Cathedral by a guided tour with Italy Travels. Italy Travels is a tour operator that sells tickets and tours inside the major museums and cities of Italy. The Cathedral terraces are absolutely a tour not to be missed which allows visitors to see the city from a different point of view; the guided tour allows you to see specifically all monuments visible from there. From the terraces of the Cathedral you can see the highest peaks of the city: the skyscraper Cadorna, the Sforzesco Castle in Milan, the Torre Branca in Milan and the RAI antenna, the Velasca Tower, the towers of Porta Garibaldi, the new Palazzo Lombardia, the skyscrapers of Piazza della Repubblica, the Pirelli tower, the Breda tower and the Swiss Centre. All these monuments represent the history of the city and its evolution from a provincial town to a cosmopolitan and industrial center of northern Italy.
The terraces of the Milan Cathedral guided tour with Italy Travels is a way to learn the history and the hidden stories behind the construction of these buildings.