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Visits with a guide to the Brera Gallery is strongly recommended because it allows you to visit this great museum with a specialized guide that will show you the most famous works contained  there as the “kiss” and the portrait of Alessandro Manzoni painted by Francesco Hayez or the “Dead Christ” by Mantegna, the “Emmaus dinner” by Caravaggio and many others great masterpieces.

Visit with a guide to the Brera Gallery to discover Hayez

It’s strongly recommended for those visiting Milan for the first time a tour guide with a visit with a guide to the Brera Gallery to discover Hayez, one of the greatest exponents of Italian romanticism painters if not the only one. Hayez was a versatile artist and innovator that leaved an indelible mark in the history of Italian art, in particular for being the author of the famous painting "The Kiss" and a series of portraits of the most famous figures of the time, such as Alessandro Manzoni. Many of his works, having been painted during the Risorgimento movements and contain numerous posts in favour of the same.
Francesco Hayez was born in Venice in 1791 and died in Milan in 1882. After spending the years of youth in Venice and Rome moved permanently to Milan, where he came into contact with the great personalities of the time: Manzoni, Berchet, Pellio and Cattaneo. He received numerous commissions and the role of professor of painting at the Academy of Brera. Visits with a guide to the Brera Gallery to discover Hayez allow you to discover this great artist and his paintings.

Visit with a guide to the Brera Gallery with Italy Travels

Visit with a guide to the Brera Gallery with Italy Travels is quick and easy because it allows you to have a quality service with a very good price. The Brera Gallery is an incredible collection of pictorial art and is located in the palace that took the same name. In the same large structure are also contained in the National Library Braidense, the Observatory of Brera, the Botanical Garden, the Lombard Institute of Science and Letters and the Academy of Fine Arts.
In front of the building is located a courtyard, where in the centre there is a monument to Napoleon conceived by Canova.
His role as exhibition location was established by the Empress Maria Theresa of Austria in 1776 when it was completed the renovation of the palace. In the palace she established a school that took the place of the previous one directed by the Jesuits, a library, a botanical garden and an academy, subsidised each year with 10,000 lire. Visit with a guide to the Brera Gallery with Italy Travels lets you get to know through the explanation of an experienced guide every detail of this wonderful museum.