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The symbol of Milan is its Cathedral known throughout the world for its spires. Tickets for the Cathedral of Milan can be purchased in advance to avoid the queues, which are very frequent, especially in spring and autumn. It is considered one of the symbols of Italy and it is dedicated to Santa Maria Nascente, is located in the square from which it takes its name, in the main centre of the city.

Buy tickets for the Milan Cathedral without queue

Buying tickets for the Milan Cathedral without queue is possible visiting or by phone at 0039/0552670402. The Milan Cathedral is in the main centre of the Lombard city where previously stood the ancient cathedral of Santa Maria Maggiore, who is used during the winter and the Cathedral of Santa Tecla, who is used during the summer. Who promoted the construction of a new cathedral was Archbishop Antonio de' Saluzzi after the collapse of the bell tower of the former. To create the new cathedral the previous churches were demolished. 
The new church, as is clear from the archaeological excavations, included the brick walls. In 1387 they were laid the foundations of the large pylons and then excavation of the foundations followed. Construction was followed directly by Gian Galeazzo Visconti, Lord of Milan, which claims a more ambitious project, using a precious material such as the brick the Cardoglia, marble and architecture as that of the late Gothic. Buy tickets for the Milan Cathedral without queue is a quick and easy way to enter inside the Cathedral and visit this architectural masterpiece.

Tickets for the Milan Cathedral with private guide is the website where you can book tickets for the Milan Cathedral with private guide authorized by the province of Milan. A private guide to the Milan Cathedral allows us to know the whole story took off in 1387 under the supervision of the city lord, Gian Galeazzo Sforza, who wanted to build big architectural work for future reference. In the imagination of Gian Galeazzo, Milan was supposed to become the capital of a national monarchy as it had been to Paris for France and London for England.
For the construction Gian Galeazzo Sforza began to provide the quarries and tax exemptions. To supervise the construction site French and German architects were called: Jean Mignot, Gmund Jacques Coene and Enrico. Although not at the same time, they remained in office for a short time due to the hostility that the workers addressed them as they were not accustomed to the kind of work required from the masters.
Booking tickets for the Milan Cathedral with private guide you can find out how this extraordinary monument came to light.