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A guided tour of the Cathedral of Milan allows you to have a 360 degrees vision of what was the most beautiful cathedrals of Europe, now a symbol of the Lombard metropolis. The city has always been known such as the economic capital of Italy and as an international centre for fashion but it is also full of artistic treasures just as the Cathedral, Leonardo's Last Supper and the Brera Art Gallery.

Guided tour of the Cathedral of Milan with an exclusive guide

Choosing a guided tour of Milan Cathedral with an exclusive guide is an opportunity to live and learn the full story of this great monument, known particularly for its façade in late Gothic style. The façade in fact as it is now is the result of an evolution began in 1580 by a draft of Pellegrino Tibaldi, current head of the construction yard. The project provided a basement on two levels surrounded by Corinthian large columns and a kiosk in the central nave, flanked by obelisks. The death of Carlo Borromeo, archbishop of Milan in 1584, meant the end of Tibaldi's career and the award of the facade project made by the rival Martino Bassi thanks to the intercession of the Milan Pope Gregory XIV.
During the seventeenth century, the direction of the work was changed several times and it was decided to place in the façade a niches effect.
Visit by a guided tour with of the Cathedral of Milan with an exclusive guide allows you to become aware of many anecdotes related to the construction site.

Guided tour of the Cathedral of Milan to discover its history

A guided tour of the Cathedral of Milan to discover the history of its fascinating monument is what architectural lovers want. In fact an experienced guide can tell you about the various building stages like the one between 1765 and 1769 that saw the conclusion of the lantern made by Francesco Croce and the main spire on which was erected what is now known as the symbol of Milan: the “Madunina” of copper gold. The façade was finally completed in 1805 upon the direct request of Napoleon Bonaparte, but until 1866 the works continued on the other walls.
During a guided tour of Milan Cathedral to discover the history you can also learn that during the World War II the bronze pieces that reflected light were covered with rags to prevent that they could became a target too visible for the bombings and glasses were replaced with cloth canvas. The Cathedral suffered little damage, but on the main door you can see even now the points damaged by splinters of the bombs exploded nearly.