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The many tourists crowding Milan during the year wonder how to get into the museum of the Last Supper and jump the line, line caused by the numerous requests and the few places available. In fact just 15 tickets every 15 minutes are available, and this is because the room of Santa Maria delle Grazie hosting the painting should not be overcrowded or the precious painting can get ruined.

How to get into the Last Supper museums and jump the line with Italy Travels

To get an entrance ticket for the Last Supper museum and jump the line you can visit our site or call at the 055 2670402. In case the date requested is not available you will be inserted in a waiting list so that the operators can call you back in case the dates you requested get available. In this case it happens, it is necessary to proceed immediately with the payment of the tickets, as they can remain available for a brief time.
This simple procedure permits the customer not to pay in advance for a service that could not be available.
A lot of people use this service provided by Italy Travels, a tour operator that is an authorized dealer of entrance tickets for the main museums in Italy, as Colosseum, Vatican Museums, Uffizi Gallery or the Doge’s Palace in Venice.

How to get into the Last Supper museums with no line to see the painting

People wondering how to get into the Last Supper museum jumping the line to see the painting are probably much interested in Leonardo da Vinci’s works. He was a genius and forerunner of many inventions and techniques that today are still used.
One example of these inventions is the bicycle. However, one of the first obsessions for Leonardo was the flight: he always searched for a way to permit men to fly. The great master had his inspiration from the flight of bats. Another great invention was a kind of diving suit that he drew in details and that experts have recently tried. Other inventions regard the military field as the panzer or the machine gun, clearly visible in the Atlantic Codex.
However, the painting is probably the field that caused more success to Leonardo, a genius you can discover by getting into the Last Supper museum with no line.