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A visit to the Milan Cathedral is a must for all those who travel to the Lombard city. It was a symbol together with his Madunina, placed on its highest spire, of this city that from the nineteenth century has had the greatest industrial growth in Italy. The Cathedral with its late Gothic architecture, unique in our country, is visited by thousands of tourists every year, attracted mainly by its terraces.

Visit to the Milan Cathedral and the Madunina

If you are looking for a specialized guide for a to the Milan Cathedral and the Madunina, Italy Travels on its website offers the opportunity to book this service at great prices and guaranteed quality given from the high professionalism of guides several selected from Italy Travels. The Madonnina, or knows as the “Madunina” in Milanese dialect, is a Giuseppe Perego gilded copper statue, depicting the Virgin Mary Elevated and located on the main spire of the Milan Cathedral. Since its installation, which took place in 1774, it has become the symbol of the city, beyond the religious fact. The halberd behind the Holy Virgin is actually a lightning "masked" rod. The Madunina is placed on top of the highest spire of the Cathedral, which was finished to build by the architect Francesco Croce in 1769. This is a 16.4 meters high statue realised by the sculptor Giuseppe Perego and by the goldsmith Giuseppe Bini. The Statue has opened arms as if she’s asking for a blessing for the city beneath her. A visit to the Milan Cathedral and the Madunina is suggested to discover the deepest roots of Milanese people.

Visit to the Milan Cathedral and Milan traditions

A visit to the Milan Cathedral and Milan traditions is not one of the usual common goals in many tourists who travel to the beautiful country every year, but it is certainly a different way to learn about a fascinating city that has grown a lot but that is wanted to remain connected to its history.
The Madunina, placed on the highest spire of the Cathedral of Milan, is certainly one of the characteristic symbols of this city. An old tradition said that no building in Milan can be higher of the Madonnina. This was establishes by a law done during the thirties years that prevented Branca Tower of Gio Ponti and Velasca Tower to overcome the fateful 108.5 meters, to respect the Madunina high. In reality, behind the religious feelings they were hidden mainly structural problems: a few meters below the surface of the city there is no ground but water. A higher construction and heavier than the Cathedral, therefore, could cause collapses. Do a visit to the Milan Cathedral and Milan tradition is therefore a valid way to know this city.