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In order to have information about entrance tickets for the Last Supper in Milan, we suggest you to call the number 0039 055 2670402. Our operators will inform you about how to book and in case the date requested is not available you will be asked for name and phone number, so that you can be called back in case the dates open. 

How to get information about Last Supper entrance tickets 

On you will find out how to get information for the entrance tickets at the Last Supper in Milan. Entrances are scheduled everyday except Mondays, entrance every 15 minutes. Last Supper’s fame is justified also because of the numerous copies that also Leonardo did. Thanks to these copies it is possible to understand the study that preceded the developing of the work and to the same conclusions we arrive also from the copies of Leonardo’s apprentices as Gianpietrino or Marco d’Oggiono, whose works are guarded in the Minoriti church in Wien.
As a result, requests of information and booking for these world-famous works of art are numerous.

Information for Last Supper entrance tickets with Italy Travels 

By calling the phone number 0039 055 2670402 you can get information for the entrance of the Last Supper with Italy Travels. Italy Travels is an authorized tour operator that provides tickets for museum in Rome, Florence, Milan and Venice. Leonardo’s last supper was restored many times because of the technique used by Leonardo.
In fact the artist used a technique similar to the one he used for the paintings on canvas. With recent restoration it could be seen that Leonardo firstly covered the surface with rough plaster and then he painted on it as if it were a canvas. The preparation was a mixture of Calcium and magnesium carbonate combined with a protein bond. Before stretching the colours out the artist inserted a tiny lay of white lead, to get a shiner effect. Then, the dried colours were stretched on the surface and colours mixed with a greasy tempera, probably realised mixing up egg with oils. Italy Travels will provide you with all the information you need about entrance tickets for the Last Supper.