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Duration: 2 hours
Language: English or any other language chosen.
Included in price: guide service for two hours, audioguides for group larger than 10 participants. Not included: tickets for the access of the terraces on foot 9,00 euro per person. In case the lift is preferred, there is an additional price of 4,00 euro per person. In this last case, ticket price is 13,00 euro (9+4) per person.
To get an estimate: please fill in the form at right choosing the date, the number of people and the language.
Availability: everyday except New Year’s Day and Christmas.
Starting time: from 9 am to 5 pm, last time on schedule to do the tour.
The tour can also be booked for the late evening starting from 7 pm. For information about the late evening version of the tour please call +39 055 2670402.

The terraces of the Cathedral of Milan – Tour Itinerary
The guided tour is focused on the art of sculpture and its development from the 14th century to the 20th century. The Cathedral of Milan is an excellent collection of samples of the history of sculpture: with its building starting from 1386 and finishing in the 20th century and its 3400 statues it offers a complete overview of the sculptural art of the last six centuries.  

The guided tour begins outside the apsis, the most ancient part of the building that takes the emblem of the Visconti, the Sun. Successively the façade is analysed, with its abundant decorations and its difficulties with the proceeding of the project, which went on for 400 years.
Milan’s cathedral, the biggest in the world and the first one in Italy, it is also one of the few churches whose terraces are visitable. From here the visitor can have an amazing overview of the city and a unique perspective of the monument. Once the visitor has left behind the 200 steps (it is also possible to use the lift) the visitor arrives on the roof, 8000 mq big. From here the visitor can see at a brief distance the 135 spires, the pinnacles, the flying buttress and the numerous statues, the most ancient spire and the debated lantern that Amadeo built between the end of the 15th century and the begin of the 16th century. Here on the terraces, at 70 meters from the ground, faces, saints, symbols, little monsters and gargoyles became evident at the visitor in all their strangeness: from the late gothic statues the style goes to renaissance ones, the statues of the 16th century and the baroque ones, the neoclassical statues and to the strange realisations of the 30ies with the representation of the different sport activities.
In the end, a sight of the golden Mary, inaugurated in 1774 on the highest top of the cathedral, guardian and symbol of Milan and its people.

NB. The maximum number for each group can be of 30 people. 



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